Caring for the Poor and Orphans Mr.Adnan Gives Ramadan Aid in Indonesia

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The best human being is the one who benefits other humans, especially in the month of Ramadan as taught in the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet to increase good deeds and care for fellow Muslims.

Such is the case of Mr Adnaneatik, (35 years old) a Dutch Muslim man of Moroccan descent who works as a teacher in the windmill country of the Netherlands.

Despite the long distance in Europe, the man who has a hobby of travelling the world does not prevent him from donating his wealth to others. This was manifested when giving Ramadan gifts to hundreds of poor people and orphans held at Rusunawa Labuhan Haji, East Lombok, (Tuesday, 9th April 2024).

The Moroccan-blooded man who is familiarly called Mr Adnan through his confidant, Rozaen Akbar, a resident of Mandar Hamlet, Labuhan Haji Village, East Lombok, told the media crew that the Ramadan parcel was a mandate given to him as Mr Adnan’s friend and confidant in Indonesia.

“Even though he is not present in our midst, InsyaAllah, as Mr Adnan hopes, we will distribute his mandate today to the people who are entitled to receive it,” said Rozaen Akbar.

The young man, who graduated from an Islamic boarding school, explained that the Ramadan charity programme targeted hundreds of people, including the poor and the elderly.

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